Picture this: You get a ding from your phone notifications alerting you that your home loan application has been Pre-approved from the bank! All the discipline, commitments and small sacrifices you've made has paid off! Your future self is waiting on you to make the transformation!

Fancy Finance Solutions turns financial preparation into an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Maybe you've been denied for a home loan recently due to high debt to income, bad credit or don't know where to begin. We customize our approach, meeting you right where you are to guide you through a transformation of a lifetime with just four steps ...


Our personalized one on one coaching prepares you for the pre-approval process. Using our four step proven method, learn how to prequalify for a mortgage, understand your financial health, and position yourself confidently in the home buying journey!

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Mortgage-Ready Credit & Budget Blueprint [$297 month]

The Ultimate Solution for Mortgage Preparation!
Imagine a blueprint that combines credit repair to enhance your credit scores, personalized budget strategies to pay down debts, start multiple cash reserves and improve your over all debt to income ratio - this package is for you! Think of it as an all-in-one solutions that targets your homeownership goals simultaneously. This 6-month transformation isn't just a program, it's a roadmap to your homeownership success

Mortgage-Ready Credit Restoration [$197 month]

Position your Credit for Mortgage Qualification!
This package is for those who need a to target their credit scores to reach maximum results. If you've been denied due to poor credit, collections/charge off accounts, not enough credit history or need to improve your overall credit health, this package is for you! During the 6- month transformation, we will take a deep dive into enhancing your credit profile using consumer law, credit education and advance disputing to position your credit for mortgage qualifications.

Mortgage-Ready Budgeting Package [$197 month]

Budget like a Pro to get your Home!
Do you need to create a budget from scratch or revamp the one you already have - this package is for you! During the 6-month transformation we will create a personalized budget that fits your lifestyle to become aware of your monthly debt obligations, based off your goals and aspirations that will allow you to pay down debt, build up savings reserves for multiple things such as home down payment, closing costs, emergency fund and much more!

Pay-per Delete Credit Restoration [$47 account removal]

Credit Repair Made Simple!
This package was created for those individuals who don't want to commit to a program or prepare for Homeownership. No long term commitments, just targeted and direct approaches to address credit challenges. We utilize consumer laws to address negative credit reporting errors to clear your path towards your financial goals and aspirations. The best part is that you don't pay until you see results!

Elevate Your Homeownership Experience with Our Additional Services …

Your Journey to Homeownership Made Easy with Fancy Finance Solutions

Unlock a wealth of services designed to propel you toward homeownership success …

  • Enhanced credit profiles and scores for optimal mortgage qualification.

  • Determination of debt-to-income ratios and affordability.

  • Maximization of tax returns and utilization of homeownership-related tax benefits.

  • Support in establishing and aligning personal goals.

  • Tailored strategies for credit enhancement and budgeting.

  • Guidance in reducing debt and improving financial health.

  • Budgeting techniques for long-term financial stability.

  • Empowerment through education and impactful financial coaching.

Unlock Your Journey to Homeownership!

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Disclaimer: FANCY FINANCE SOLUTIONS does not extend mortgage loans of any kind. FANCY FINANCE SOLUTIONS is not a mortgage lender. FANCY FINANCE SOLUTIONS is not affiliated with any mortgage lending institution. FANCY FINANCE SOLUTIONS does not give out investment advice. FINANCE FINANCE SOLUTIONS does not guarantee results.

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