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How long does the credit restoration process take?

Our six-month Mortgage-Ready Program utilizes consumer laws like The Fair Credit Reporting Act to challenge
negative credit disputes. While we can’t guarantee a specific timeframe for credit restoration, you may start seeing
improvements between 4 to 45 days for updates.

Will this program help me qualify for a mortgage even if I have a low credit score?

Absolutely. Our goal is to help you position your credit scores to meet most lender requirements,
ideally aiming for a score of 640 or higher.

Is there a guarantee of credit improvements?

At Fancy Finance Solutions, we guarantee the best service to help you position your credit for success. However, due
to disclaimers, we can’t guarantee specific credit improvements.


How will this program help me save for a down payment?

Through a personalized approach, we’ll delve into your goals and timeframe, crafting a down payment plan that builds
reserves for your down payment, emergency funds, and any other financial goals.

Is there an income limit for housing qualifications?

While there’s no set income limit, we recommend participants have stable income.

How does the program address financial challenges?

This intimate program is designed to address all your financial challenges. We take each case seriously for your

Credit & Budget Blueprint:

What is the advantage of combining credit and budgeting in one program?

Think of this combination as a one-stop-shop for all your homeowner prep needs. Every financial aspect connects,
providing the best of both worlds to make your success more attainable and simpler.

Can I benefit if I've already started working on my credit separately?

Absolutely! We’ll meet you right where you are to create the transformation of a lifetime.

What happens after the six-month program?

While you may not be mortgage-ready by the program’s end, we’ll create a personalized game plan for success
beyond the program duration.

Pay-per-Delete Credit

How does the pay-per-delete model work?

The pay-per-delete model is a hassle-free program fee option. We address specific credit issues of your choice,
disputing negative items on your credit reports. You only pay when the information is deleted/removed/updated.

Can I address specific credit issues with this program?

Absolutely! Our experts will guide you through addressing any specific credit issues based on your goals and


Can I use multiple services simultaneously?

We recommend focusing on one service at a time (besides tax preparation). You can switch between programs at
any time to suit your needs.

What other programs do you provide?

We provide additional services, including professional tax preparation and assistance with business formations.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do have a referral program! For every eligible individual who enrolls in our Mortgage-Ready programs, Tax
Preparation, or Business Filings, we’ll express our gratitude by compensation #WeloveReferrals

*All coaching sessions are conducted Virtually:-)

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